FAQ – Linuxing In London


What is Linuxing In London?

We are about celebrating modern technology, open source and Linux (we are rather keen on BSD and its derivatives too), the lot!

But we make an extra effort to be inclusive and educational.

Technology has little purpose if it is confined to a self-selecting elite. We believe that technology should be for everyone, everywhere, every part of the world.

How do you do that?

We are a technical MeetUp which covers everything from Linux, to Cloud, IoT, robotics, AI and anything remotely technically eye-catching.

Is Linuxing In London just about Linux?

No, we like BSD and all of its derivatives too. Naturally we are very keen on Linux, but not only that we advocate for open source software.

Aren’t you just Linux fanatics?

We are not just Linux fanatics, we are broad-based, educational with a clear inclusive policy. We have close to 1000 members, from MSc students, City IT Managers to veterans of Mainframes and every skill in between.

Where do you meet?

We have an excellent monthly venue at Skills Matter, the premier technology venue in the City.

What type of talks do you have?

Very varied, not just Linux, rather the complete spectrum of modern technologies.

We have had sessions from AWS, SuSE, Canonical, IBM, Red Hat, QA, Puppet, etc and many more. Even an excellent one with Microsoft.

Are they long boring talks full of technical jargon?

Never! We aim for 3 presentations a night, a short lightning one followed by two 30-35 minutes. They tend to have distinct themes, maybe IoT, Cloud or coding.

You’ll never be bored at Linuxing In London, we always have a laugh.

I heard you give out plenty of swag?

Yes, we have given out dozens of IoT/Raspberry Pi kits in our free monthly raffle, along with hundreds of lovely t-shirts, battery bars and mountains of goodies.

Aren’t you just like other Linux User groups?

As fine as they are, many technical groups tend to come over as elitist, only for acolytes or have been forced to meet in Pubs, that means they often exclude a chunk of society.

Whereas we are really focused on being educational and inclusive,  that means promoting women and countering the gender-imbalance in technology, so we take a different approach.

I’ll bet you hate Microsoft?

We live in a Microsoft world, but even they recognise it is not just a Microsoft world, as they have embraced open source software.

Can you teach me Linux?

No, but about twice a year we hold a Linux 101 class, which covers the history of computing since the Abacus to the Mainframe and why we use operating systems, along with the smart way to do a Linux install.

A fine place to start is Linux Foundation’s training section.

What do you think of Raspberry Pi?

We positively love them (there is always a chance of winning one at a LiL event) and we are very keen on all Internet of Things (IoT) equipment!

I would like to speak at Linuxing In London.

Thank you for your interest!

We love hearing a diverse range of views. Such points are dealt with on another frequently asked questions page!

What type of audience do you get?

It is incredibly varied from City IT manager, Cloud specialists, partners and proper IT consultant, beginners too. They are a very friendly crowd.

Do you stream events?

Not yet, but Skills Matter normally keep recordings, depending on their workload (they can have 5+ events on in an evening so it is done as a favour, and we appreciate that).

Is there food at your events? Do you cater for vegans?

If we can we do, but no promises.

Skills Matter offer free tea and coffee in the evening with biscuits. They have a great bar too. If one of our events is sponsored by a company we ask them to cater for vegetarians and vegans whenever possible.

How do I join Linuxing In London?

Simply sign up at our MeetUp page.

Is Linuxing In London safe for women?

Absolutely, we will tolerate no sexism or racism, etc

We have a strong code of conduct.

If any members are rude to others they will be banned. No ifs, no buts. Banned.

Some of your answers sound weird, why is that?

A few are tongue in cheek and text doesn’t really convey sarcasm too well either.

Your website has changed around, what is happening?

It was time to refresh our website, and we have put the old pages in as blog posts for reference.