FAQ – potential speakers

Frequently Asked Questions for potential speakers and companies.


Thank you for your interest in Linuxing In London. In the event that you wish to be a speaker please note the following slight tongue-in-cheek FAQ

1. We would like to hire Linuxing In London to promote our products with a series of talks, is that possible?

No. Linuxing In London is run with a non-profit ethos.

2. Can we speak at Linuxing In London and promote our products?

No. We avoid straight commercial pitches, our members don’t like them and they are boring.

3. What is the best way to speak at Linuxing In London?

Plan a clever or informative talk, send a talk title, a time required, a synopsis and some draft slides to Brian Byrne, then have a longer conversation in person.

4. Ok, got that, what must I do, again?

Please email Brian (BrianLinuxing@gmail.com) with a talk title, synopsis, slides, biographical and full contact details. Talks tend to be 30 or 35 minutes. They can be longer, in exceptional circumstances, with agreement.

5. Can I just turn up and talk?

No, that would be rude, but we do normally have a community slot for interesting projects as long as it isn’t a sales pitch and takes less than 2 minutes.

6. If we agree on a presentation what should I do?

If you are a company then think about how you want to reward our members for listening to you, in their own time.

7. You mean I have to pay you money?

No. We are a bit different from most people/groups. We don’t handle any money at all.

8. Not sure I understand, what must we do?

If you are a company then please offer some decent swag, provide some quality pizzas (with vegetarian and vegan options, etc.) or suitable comestibles for the evening. Be generous.

9. What counts as decent swag and why do you need it?

We hold a free raffle every month to generate good will and reward our members. Decent swag could be: two or more Raspberry Pi 3 kits, IoT kits, Alexa devices or the odd Amazon tablet. Something nice.

10. That is a lot of money, can I just bring some t-shirts?

It is not a lot of money, typically a Raspberry Pi Starter kit Kit at Pimoroni costs around £90 or a Pi Zero one at about £37.

The Amazon Fire tablets cost in the order of £50-85 for the smaller models and techies like them.

11. Ok, but what if we just want to buy everyone an after event drink, how much should I budget?

It all depends on the turnout, which naturally varies, but probably in the order of £150 to £250. Your choice entirely but we try to avoid the boozy blokes culture, it’s not good for tech, or people.

12. We would like to buy the pizzas, shall we just give you the money?

No. We don’t handle any money. Basilico does good quality pizza. Best budget £280-380. Even Papa John’s, but don’t be cheap with the food, it’s not nice and leaves a bad taste.

13. What topics should I cover?

Hard to say, but we have never heard anyone talk on::

  • Open source and IT security, etc.
  • Setting up IoT systems and Linux, the best practices.
  • Coding toolchains and Linux.
  • Managing large Linux Clusters, what to do and what not to do.
  • Anything really cool with technology, etc
  • Anything which embodies quality computer science.
  • Anything interesting in the field of open source, etc.
  • Explain open source licensing, MIT vs. GPL v2 vs. Apache.

Any good open source topic would be welcomed!

14. The answers to this FAQ sound a bit aggressive, why is that?

Not really, but we get asked a lot of strange questions so we try to cover as many as possible, as directly as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.

We are really nice in real life 🙂

Still got questions? Talk with Brian. He’s often found on Twitter.