August 2019: A snappy evening of Ubuntu


a) Live and Let Patch – Overview of the Livepatch rebootless kernel update technology – Igor Ljubuncic

Reboots are so yesterday. Or rather tomorrow. The Livepatch technology allows Ubuntu users to enjoy security updates without disrupting their work. This session goes into the ins and outs, ups and downs of the Livepatch service, the low-level implementation, and the usage.

b) One Build to Rule Them All – Software development made easy with snaps – Igor Ljubuncic

In recent years, distribution-agnostic packaging formats have become more popular, finding audience side by side with the classic repositories. Users can often see immediate advantages to using their software plug-n-play style, but developers and system administrators may be more hesitant. The big question is, how does it all work? This presentation unveils the magic behind snaps – confined, stand-alone Linux applications bundled with all the necessary dependencies to run independently. It covers the fundamentals like snap service, snap file format, and Snap Store, but also goes into details on how to package and distribute software with snapcraft, from desktop to cloud.

c) Hands-on Demo with snaps and the Raspberry Pi – Igor Ljubuncic

Music, music, everywhere. In this session, the audience will be delighted with a live demonstration showing how to use a Raspberry Pi device with Ubuntu Core running Spotify Connect. If you’re looking to create a smart home setup, this could be a good primer.