June 2019: The wonders of IBM: Watson, artificial intelligence, Swift coding and databases!

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1. Speakers’ biography

a) David Spurway is the primary evangelist and CTO for IBM Power Systems in the UK and Ireland.

As a member of the IBM Systems Partner Ecosystem Team and Technical Consultancy Group, David works with customers at all levels to resolve their challenges. David has been working in the IT industry for 24 years, in a range of different roles and positions. He regularly presents at events, discussing all things to do with IBM Power Systems, including AI, Cloud, AIX, IBM i, Linux and more.

b) Zoe Osorio is a machine learning engineer within the UK Systems AI team at South Bank. Her work is focussed on PowerAI applications within healthcare and academic research (working on the largest PowerAI cluster in the UK at the University of Birmingham). She also enjoys developing AI prototypes such as an app for transcribing American Sign Language in real time. She has a background in process automation and studied robotics at the University of Sheffield.

c) Sean Greaves is a Technical Specialist within the IBM UK Systems AI team in London. He focuses on applications of PowerAI and building the IBM AI community. He has gained experience working as a Creative Technologist in Berlin and studied Mechanical Engineering and Design Informatics in Edinburgh. He loves exploring intersections of technology and art and has presented work at Museum of Modern Art NYC and TU Delft.

d) Ian Partridge is a senior developer at Swift@IBM, working to bring Swift to the cloud on Linux. With a background in runtime technologies including Java garbage collection, performance and monitoring he is now working in open source on server-side Swift. Since learning Swift he has contributed to open source Foundation and libdispatch, and is also a developer of Kitura, a Swift HTTP server and web framework.

e) Matt Kilner is a senior developer within the IBM Runtimes Technology group. As part of the Swift@IBM team Matt contributes to Kitura, one of the leading Swift web frameworks, and supporting packages. He works alongside the server-side Swift community to bring Swift to Linux and the Cloud. An IBM developer for 17 years Matt has a background in runtime development, performance and debugging. Running a weekly Code Club he aims to inspire the next generation of software developers through simple projects and concepts such as machine learning.

f) Louise Richardson is a Client Relations Executive at Cognition Foundry. Prior to joining Cognition Foundry Louise had over 22 years experience of working within IBM as part of the core Channel Management Team. She is an experienced leader in driving innovative solutions throughout the IBM eco-system of Business partners, ISV’s and clients.

Since joining Cognition Foundry she is now able to help start-ups bring their vision’s to life. She has a passion for social impact projects that helps find creative and sustainable solutions to our worlds challenges.