April 2019: A cornucopia of IoT, Rust, Robots and much more!

In April, we had a magnificent Internet of Things (IoT) evening at Linuxing in London, bear in mind we do more than plain Linux!

First off was Andy Clark, talking about the issue of IOT security. He showed why it is important and some case studies of what happens when it is neglected. He finished up with some industry recommendations on how to build a secure IOT device and avoid your fridge joining a botnet.

Botnets are real concern as this ZDNet article shows.

Andy’s own site is Workshopshed and a real joy to read.

OWASP Internet of Things (IoT) Project

Then we had Florian Gilcher, who flew in especially from Germany, teaching us about mesh networks and the Rust language on IoT kit. He’s an expert on Ruby, Rust and embedded coding.

Florian on Github.

The main Rust lang site.

The Rust Programming Language book.

A Gentle Introduction To Rust.

Camille Tjhoa’s extensive rust-learning resource on Github.

The final talk of the evening was from Ross Atkin, a BBC personality, engineer and a thoroughly nice person. He has various sites, including CraftyRobot.

TheCraftyRobot on Twitter

Ross explained how he and his team had designed a consumer robot from scratch, came up with all the designs, got passed all of the hurdles, went to China to oversee the manufacturing and tackled many many issues. Finally, resulting in an excellent, good value robotic device.

That is no mean feat to produce an excellent consumer device from start to finish, that’s what Ross did, but then he is immensely skilled and a technical polymath.

These are two videos from his time in Shenzhen.

It was a simply enjoyable evening with a diversity of topics and themes and plenty of swag, thanks to the generosity of our speakers we gave away a lovely book, four DWM1001-DEV kits from Decawave and 4 robot kits.

The marvellous Linux Journal sponsored the pizza, all the way from Texas!

Their Patreon page, go on, support them!

The talks were recorded and are here.