June 2018: A fine summer evening of Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the Internet of Things (IoT)

June is about Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the Internet of Things (IoT).

What can you do with them? How do they work? Why is it important to understand these technologies?

Please do read our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it.

Tonight we will have a series of short(ish) talks across the expanse of these devices and mechanisms.


18:00 Doors open.

18:15 Everyone seated.

18:20 BrightSign: the incredible glove of IoT by Rehana Al-Soltane.
18:30 Q&A.

18:35 Making a dimmer switch with an Arduino by Carl Peto.
18:55 Q&A.

19:00 Design Arduino compatible hardware by Andrzej Czarny.
19:20 Q&A.

19:25 Pizza break, kindly provided by Resin.io.

19:35 People watching with Google’s AIY Vision Kit by Andy Clark.
19:55 Q&A

20:00 Containing the Cambrian explosion of IoT by Chris Chabot.
20:25 Q&A.

20:30 Finish.

20:35 Community slot.

20:40 Free raffle**.

20:45 Off to Skills Matter’s bar for a soft drink.

NB: The final timings and format are subject to change and revision.

There will be some lovely IoT items in the free raffle 🙂

Please don’t forget to sign up at Skills Matter for health and safety.

Please do read our code of conduct, by attending you are agreeing to be bound by it.

Speakers biographies, etc:

1. Rehana Al-Soltane.


Rehana works as an e-textiles designer and is specialising in wearable and educational technology.

She recently joined BrightSign where her main role involves embedding the hardware onto the glove using smart textiles. In between these roles, she is finishing her undergraduate studies in Psychology, where she is specialising in Applied Psychology.

Rehana on Twitter https://twitter.com/rehana_makes

Rehana on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rehana-al-soltane-223531135/

BrightSign https://twitter.com/rehana_makes

2. Carl Peto has spent 20 or 30 years working with all kinds of computer tech he could get his hands on. From big machines back in the 90s down to little shiny phones you hold in your hand nowadays. He has has written iOS apps since pretty much the first iPhones.

His day job is as a Swift fanatic with a dash of objective C and a side interest in “IoT”. He currently works at a start up specialising in high tech IoT projects. And Arduino and Pi have been his side interest for ages. Half of his flat is connected to one prototype or another.

He started the Swift compiler for Arduino UNO when he had drunk far too much coffee one day and been doing it ever since.

Carl on TwitterCarl on LinkedIn

Carl on LinkedIn

3. Andrzej Czarny.



The Arduino platform is 15 years old. It has shaped a new generation of makers. It has reduced the gap between inaccessible embedded world and wide variety of designers, makers and artists.

The talk will describe a software developer’s point of view on designing Arduino compatible hardware. It will help you to understand what is behind the Arduino and why it is so popular.

We will disassemble it to basic blocks and create a new project – Programmable Infrared Remote Recorder (PIRR). The talk will present challenges, failures and final results from designing your own embedded device.



4. Andy Clark.

After an apprenticeship at Dowty Aerospace, Andy completed an electronics degree at Imperial college and got a job in IT. For the last7 years he has been making and repairing in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Andy’s latest project was in response to a competition hosted by Qualcomm who picked Andy as their developer of the month for August.


Andy on Twitter https://twitter.com/Workshopshed

5. Chris Chabot.

Chris Chabot 400x300

Chris Chabot is Developer Relations & Community lead at resin.io, working with developers to create new and innovative experiences in the IoT, edge computing. During his career Chris has built and led both product and developer teams, working on Amazon Alexa, as Head of International Developer Relations at Twitter and a number of developer-focused leadership roles at Google.

Chris is passionate about the potential for societal change through technological innovation, and has spent time advising numerous start-ups and shared his knowledge through speaking at various industry events and conferences.






We have started a Linuxing In London project to get Linux laptops into the hands of aspiring developers.

If you know of anyone who has kit (old laptops, etc) which can be reused and recycled into Linux systems please contact Brian at BrianLinuxing@gmail.com

We have given away two nice Linux laptops to #womenintech (for free) thus far! We want to do more, your ideas are welcome:)

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