Microsoft at Linuxing In London

Could it happen? Reflections by Brian Byrne.

It was a weird notion, invite Microsoft to Linuxing In London!

The idea of inviting Microsoft had been long in gestation, since one of our members made a comment about a year ago. Initially it was going to be a bit of fun, but how would the bastion of all things Linux handle the Windows giant from Redmond?

It looked tricky.

It was set to be a gladiatorial battle, full of fierce debates and raised voices.



But none of that happened on the 18th of May 2017.

Team Microsoft was charming, intelligent and informative. The audience was overflowing, keen to listen and they really appreciated the variety of the lively presentations.

The talks were very varied: coding, back-end cloud and containers, and a marvellous Internet of things (IoT) project to build your own personal assistant.



There were over 103 people in attendance, pizza and drink was provided by Microsoft.

More importantly there was a very good exchange of views between our audience and the Microsoft speakers, who were rather popular after the talks.

Microsoft was generous in contributing five Raspberry Pi Zero plus kits to the free raffle. We gave away over 75 lovely new Microsoft T-shirts, pads, 40+ quality power bars and cute torches.


There was a mountain of penguins, and the warm conversations continued on until we were finally kicked out by the amiable Skills Matter staff at about 10 p.m.

We had about four and half hours of pleasant technology, fine conversation and lots of learning. There was masses of positive social media (found via the #LinuxingInLondon hashtag)

In short, Microsoft at Linuxing in London was a great success.


Team effort

The best events are not just the product of individual genius, rather teams working together, thus it was with this special evening of Microsoft at Linuxing In London.

Our thanks go out to Marcus Robinson and Andrew Spooner.

Team Microsoft: Martin Beeby, Justin Davies and Paul Foster.

A special thanks to Chirag Harendra who did much organising at Microsoft end, but sadly came down with a fever just before the event. We hope he had a speedy recovery.

The evening wouldn’t have been such a success without the able assistance of Chiin, Mike, Dave and Carlton (big thanks for the chocs!). Never forgetting Megan, Fraser, Russell and all of the Skills Matter bar and AV staff.


The video clips:

Martin Beeby

Justin Davies

Paul Foster




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